Another Pie to deliver

The lucky bidder for a Pie-in-the-face at the Oly UU dinner auction was Curtis Tanner.
His wife, Wendy, will be the recipient on Tuesday, April 1st. We’re going to blame it on her boss.

Here are some remarks I intend to provide before participating in another fund-raising auction.

Lessee how it grabs you…

“This offering has been often misunderstood by a paranoid and litigious minority. It is not meant as an assault or insult -though I’ll grant you that you might choose a recipient with whom you are currently disagreeing, but I guarantee that the pie will not help you win any arguments.

“The pie is meant as a sacred honor bestowed at the completion of a rite of passage – the return from a spiritual quest or silent retreat, for instance. The pie represents crossing into dreamtime, into a lucid euphoria, a liminal space between ordinary states, neither the known world nor the unknowable ground of being. It represents the union of the mundane and the divine.

“A messenger arrives and the recipient becomes the message by donning a sweet pillowy mask of non-dairy clouds. It represents inspiration, expiration, ecstasy, synergy, epiphany, catharsis and spiritual transformation. When the clown comes, your life goes from the average to extraordinary. He brings attention to your experience. You are bidding on an event that lasts mere seconds but whose residue lasts quite a bit longer.”

Trish asked, “Why not just say that it’s for fun?” I replied, “Don’t rain on my parade.”

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