At the Carnival/ Auction

I got my picture taken with Sparky the Firedog!

I neglected to bring ANY MONEY so Orion could participate in the carnival activities!

I asked the nice lady, “You don’t take plastic, do you?”

No, but she did hand me a dollar’s worth of tickets! So he played 4 games: put-put golf, mini-Basketball, Fishing with a clothespin over the Shower curtain, and baseball vs. the stacked wooden bottles.

When we’d used those up I wound up selling some of my Funny Money (Deception Dollars, 11-2 Stolen Election), for 5 tickets each to a couple of intermediate grade boys.


Then we had enough for Orion to have a slice of cheese pizza, a bag of pop corn, and a bottle of water.

Congratulations to Mike Flo for his successful bid on a PIE IN THE FACE.

And congratulations to the creators of the new Conception Dollar, which I hope to order ($7 per hundred) and distribute to spread a more positive karmic vibration, dude. Maybe I’ll pass these out to the boy scouts at the 4th of July parade. They’ll make a happy addition to a birthday party gift bag. Especially to a little guy turning 4!



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