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Cirque Du Relay

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This Cancer Survivor appreciates the Sweetness of Life

This Cancer Survivor appreciates the Sweetness of Life


The first brave soul  to demonstrate the mind-over-fear power of Clown Fu + Laughter Yoga on the "Bed of Nails"


11 Nights in the Asylum of the Haunted Firehouse


I’m still processing all that I learned over the course of 11 nights in the Asylum of the Haunted Firehouse.

The #1 thing has to be: if you act crazy long enough, you will convince yourself and others that it is the case AND it will be the case.

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3 Days left with the Haunted Firehouse!

most recent pics and VLOG from the Haunted Firehouse…

Very fond of that Green LASER!

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Lots of familiar faces coming through the Haunted Firehouse… some for their 2nd time!

GRuB Soiree at the Schmidt

The nice folks at GRuB (Garden-Raised Bounty) asked if I would support their annual auction with a donation.  Since our family had been a previous recipient of their free raised bed garden, I offered up a Party Extraordinaire on the condition that I could attend the Soiree at the Schmidt with my partner, Honey.

GRuB wisely bundled our services with cupcakes from She & She Gluten Free!

It gave me the chance to rewrite the verbage about the party for Auctioneer, Joe Hyer.

“an extraordinary and unhurried visit by Jusby the Clown AND his lovely assistant, Honey, as your surprise guests performing their amusing brand of edu-tainment for you at the conclusion of which, multiple guests may get a PIE-IN-THE-FACE!
Jusby & Honey will spend 75 minutes at your event facilitating pies, transformations, & guided laughter.  You get to help plan the proportion of each.
Would you prefer to laugh until you can’t stop?
Would you like each of your guests to have a painted face, a tattooed arm, or a balloon creation?
Would you choose to host the next record-breaking pie-in-the-face party?
At any rate, you are bidding on Safe, Appropriate, and Profoundly Memorable Surprises with Jusby the Clown & Comedy Consultant.”

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Cajun Carnival [slideshow + VLOG]

Flaming Air Guitar Pies

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Pie-in-the-face, now with Sprinkles!

Cajun Carnival and Direct Auction at Fertile Ground Guest House benefiting the Eco Building Guild…

What’s in the jambalaya, Cajun Jusby?  Chi-KUN… VegetaTION… CrustaCEAN

What happened to Amy Winehouse, Cajun Jusby? InebriaTION… RehabilitaTION… IntoxicaTION… ExpiraTION… CremaTION.

What’s this Carnival all about, Cajun Jusby? MissION… RenovaTION… Direct AucTION… DonaTION…

What else can people experience at the Carnival, Cajun Jusby? Zydeco AccorDION… Tell your ForTUNE… juggling CombusTION

The OlyUU turns 56

The first public meeting of the Unitarian Fellowship of Olympia was in 1952 at the former Olympia Community Center. Through the years, the fledgling group met in other places: the Olympia YMCA, the Girl Scout Little House at 11th and Washington (also demolished), the basement of the Governor Hotel, and the Olympia Women’s Clubhouse.

In 1993 we moved to our present location at 2200 East End Street.


Art Vaeni, Sarah Rocker, Sara Lewis, Melanie Ransom and Mike Harbour blowing out the beeswax candles this morning!  I think Melanie’s trying to keep Mike from catching aflame.

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