Cajun Carnival [slideshow + VLOG]

Flaming Air Guitar Pies

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pie-in-the-face, now with Sprinkles!

Cajun Carnival and Direct Auction at Fertile Ground Guest House benefiting the Eco Building Guild…

What’s in the jambalaya, Cajun Jusby?  Chi-KUN… VegetaTION… CrustaCEAN

What happened to Amy Winehouse, Cajun Jusby? InebriaTION… RehabilitaTION… IntoxicaTION… ExpiraTION… CremaTION.

What’s this Carnival all about, Cajun Jusby? MissION… RenovaTION… Direct AucTION… DonaTION…

What else can people experience at the Carnival, Cajun Jusby? Zydeco AccorDION… Tell your ForTUNE… juggling CombusTION


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