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Brazil’s 2nd

Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of… afternoon… will stay this clown from the sloppy delivery of his appointed pies!


First of May Intern, “Spontgomery” debuted today for a 3 hour party in rain and hail. He translated, juggled, and documented these 8 faces getting pied.

New Total ~792 Willingly Pied Faces

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We arrived on schedule and were told to wait a bit longer, which is hard when you’re in clown and people can see you and want to begin interacting with you, so we unloaded as slowly as we could and began to set up the comprehensive equipment.

We were expected to entertain for a THREE HOUR PARTY, so it included:

  • Enjoying a meal
  • A trunk full of pre-made balloons courtesy of Ken Trombley of Chehalis
  • Mardi Gras bead dogs
  • The soundtracks of Cars & Cars 2 playing through my kindle & audio reinforcement system
  • Dancing in the rain, lip-synching & playing air guitar to “Hotel California” (their jukebox)
  • no faces were painted due to inclement weather, but I was prepared to do characters from Cars (cheats were loaded on the kindle)
  • Playing in and under the parachute in the hail
  • a short demonstration of magic scarves & juggling
  • working pinata safety
  • distributing goody bags
  • cutting (sloppily) and serving cake to ~50 guests [I could bring my own candles (they forgot to get some), knife, & serving utensil]
  • delivering Mexican flag toothpicks to cakes & hamburgers
  • and although I had almost THREE PAGES of sign-ups, only 8 faces were actually willing

It was a good day to be a clown.



Rochester Princess Party

I invited Juliette to assist during a Party Extraordinaire in Rochester for a 4 y/o girl’s princess party.  We had a blast!  They had a professional photographer/ videographer, pony rides, croquet, trampoline, pinata, and swimming pool!  We came to twist balloons (Juliette’s area of expertise) and paint faces.  I also delivered a few pies, of course.  The total went up to ~536

Since it was the hottest day of the summer… we jumped in the pool at the end!

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A little backstory

The clients first inquired about the party through a facebook message on August 5th, confirmed through facebook on the 8th!  We had lots of positive facebook interactions, including using the pic of Juliette w/ the birthday girl as a profile pic!  I definitely recommend using your facebook profile vs. your page.

Would you rather ‘friend’ or ‘like’ your child’s birthday clown?

[you can do both with Jusby]


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