Rochester Princess Party

I invited Juliette to assist during a Party Extraordinaire in Rochester for a 4 y/o girl’s princess party.  We had a blast!  They had a professional photographer/ videographer, pony rides, croquet, trampoline, pinata, and swimming pool!  We came to twist balloons (Juliette’s area of expertise) and paint faces.  I also delivered a few pies, of course.  The total went up to ~536

Since it was the hottest day of the summer… we jumped in the pool at the end!

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A little backstory

The clients first inquired about the party through a facebook message on August 5th, confirmed through facebook on the 8th!  We had lots of positive facebook interactions, including using the pic of Juliette w/ the birthday girl as a profile pic!  I definitely recommend using your facebook profile vs. your page.

Would you rather ‘friend’ or ‘like’ your child’s birthday clown?

[you can do both with Jusby]



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