West Olympia Life Cover Story [bonus features]


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At the suggestion of the Small Business Development Council, I contacted Inside Lacey magazine to get a plug in for the upcoming Timberland Regional Library Crash Course Clown Camp.

The editor (“Centralized Publication Manager”), Pete Kennedy, replied asking me if I would be interested in an email Q&A, and that I should send 10 High Res pictures.  Ah-hem. Yes. Here there are, and what are your questions?

He sent two dozen questions and gave me 48 hours to answer them.

The final piece included answers to 8 of the questions and all 10 pictures.

What I had not realized what that they produce a sister magazine, West Olympia Life.  For Inside Lacey, this became a featured article.  For West Olympia Life it was the COVER STORY!

One question that didn’t make the cut was this one:

—You also have interns through Evergreen.  How many interns have you had through this program, and have any gone on to be professional clowns themselves?

I have worked with emergent clowns as interns and assistants and less-formal collaborations over the past few years because I felt the profession needed more in the way of apprenticeships.  When I work with college students I have recommend texts and videos and expect reflective journals in exchange for my evaluation of their work.  All my collaborators should expect a fair mix of show and business when we gig.  One of my partners, Honey the Clown, now offers pie-in-the-face in New York.



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