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Jusby’s Junior Joeys:

A Clown Clinic and Comedy Academy

Camp Rules:
1. Just Be Safe.  Clowns practice and perform safely to protect themselves and their audiences.  Clowns are safe with their bodies and their words.

2. Just Be Supportive.  Clowns and counselors come to camp for mutual learning and encouragement.  Everyone will participate at a different level.  Everyone will make different mistakes and learn different lessons.

3. Just Be Challenged.  Clowns and counselors will explore and experiment during activities.  Seek each next level of difficulty to keep your interest rather than allowing yourself to become bored or frustrated.


Monday – Friday August 4 – 8

Students will learn the basics of clowning from a professional clown-educator.

Participants will discover and develop their unique clown character’s look, voice, and skills. At the conclusion of the camp they should be ready and willing to participate in a small group circus, parade, and other public or private events where clowns are an appropriate and welcome addition.
$140 for 20 hour program (10-2pm)
$180 for 30 hour Extended program (9-3pm)
50% Discount for Siblings and Previous Campers


  • Laughter yoga
  • clown costuming and make-up
  • juggling
  • balloon twisting
  • face painting
  • pie-in-the-face delivery
  • joke telling & creation
  • puppetry
  • parade training (mindful/vigorous walking
  • final performance Circus


Justin B. Wright “Jusby the Clown” – Educator since 2001, Professional Clown since 2004, Laughter Yoga Leader


e-mail jusbytheclown@gmail.com or call (360) 888-2729

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