Help Clown Deliver 1000th Pie in the Face

Indiegogo Campaign is up and running…


I took the opportunity of my aunt’s wedding to schedule a clown quest with my wife and son to Washington DC from October 2nd- 9th, 2013.

1000th Pie in the face for… Somebody

I deliver pies in the face to willing faces only.  As of today I have delivered pies to ~962 willing faces.  I believe the pie-in-the-face symbolizes innocence, purity, new beginnings, and the sweetness of life.

A willing face HAD agreed to rendezvous with us on the 8th, so we booked our flights to coordinate with his schedule.  However, he abruptly walked away from the project, and  our tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.  Typical clown reversal of fortune.

Click on the link or picture above to help crowd-fund this project.  Some great perks are offered in exchange for your generosity.

For example:


This is a preview of a limited edition, hand silk-screened T-shirt.  The first batch is only 20 shirts.  10 Large, 5 XL, & 5 XXLs.  And Six of these have been claimed.  For a supportive gift of $25 you can have one.

You could also receive: Pie shaped soap, a DIY Pie-in-the-face Kit, a Pie shaped paver stone, the NW guide to clowns, the original Flaming Pies, and much more… including discounted services or a party every year FOR LIFE!

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