Lacey Spring Fun Fair 2011 [vlog]

This year’s Lacey Spring Fun Fair entry by the Red Nose Brigade included: Jusby, Sprout, Bean Sprout, Lilly, Buzzy, Stormy & Bubble~Trouble.

Sprout made the front page of the Olympian!

Jack Lobb, 2, gives a kiss to his aunt, Jenni Hatfield, who is dressed as Sprouts the Clown, during the annual Lacey Spring Fun Fair on the Saint Martin’s University campus on Saturday, May 21, 2011. The event continues on Sunday. (Tony Overman/Staff Photographer)

The alley planned to recreate our award-winning parade entry, “Road Apple Pie or Pie a la Road”, but we kept tweaking it…

  • We eliminated the fake apples we were dropping
  • We eliminated the hobby horses we were riding
  • We added horse ears and tails to our costumes
  • We eliminated the wheelbarrow
  • We added a riding lawnmower that towed a wagon
  • We forgot the large fake pie
  • We substituted a real pie

Consequently, of course, a dude got pied!

For some reason, we had trouble getting together for a group shot.  This is Sprout, Jusby & Bubble~Trouble.  Not Pictured: Stormy, Buzzy, Lilly, & Bean Sprout!

This is a girl I know from my day job.  She admitted that she had been afraid of clowns because she was traumatized by a clown chasing her with a balloon… at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair! However, it was before I joined the RNB, so I know it wasn’t me!

Coincidentally, I knew her mother from my time as an AmeriCorps*VISTA (2001-200).


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