Interstate Clowning

After reconnecting with Adam McIsaac a year or so ago… I managed to net a long-distance Premium Visit booking for his daughter, Maxine’s birthday.

Here’s the first look at that party and his review (graciously supplied via linkedin).

Orion kept working his way into the act.

Flaming Pie debuts at an actual party!

Surrounded the lady who was scared of clowns at first.  [still seems a little guarded, eh?]

“I hired Jusby for my daughter’s fifth birthday party. Certain adults claim to be uncomfortable around clowns, a perception fueled by the entertainment industry, for whom lazy writers will use the casting of the benign and jolly clown into sinister aspect to score cheap suspense points. But clowning is a very old and respected art form; a good clown will work a room according to who is in it. A child’s birthday party, for example, invariably contains adults, and the simpler, child-pleasing act will succeed with adults only insofar as the children are entertained. But this clown is the real deal. Gifted in improvisation, his humor hits on multiple levels: broad comedy for children, delivered with plenty of rapid-fire asides to keep adults laughing, too. He travels loaded for bear, with a bottomless box of props and a long list of extra services, e.g., face-painting, tattooing and so on. We hired him for a two hour premium visit, and probably only made it a third of the way through his total act. He was always busy — and enraptured the children — but with a laid-back aspect; he and his assistant, Honey the Clown, seemed to be more like particularly amusing guests in whiteface rather than a set performance. Many clowns seem to have one thing that they do particularly well with the rest used for filler; Jusby seems to handle every aspect of the clown’s trade well, whatever technical facility he may lack in a given area is filled out by his deep training in theatre, and this is perhaps his strongest point: when he’s working, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to have a clown at your party. – Adam McIsaac, Owner, Pinch a Design Studio


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