More from the Monica Drake shoot

We went down to Portland last weekend.  On my agenda, besides a teeth cleaning and sister Betsy’s graduation, was obtaining more pics from the Monica Drake shoot.


Jusby, James Bernard Frost (“World Leader Pretend”), Lance Reynald (“Pop Salvation”), Monica Drake (“Clown Girl”), and Kass Alonso (“Core”) having their portraits taken by Greg Wahl-Stephens (

Although I didn’t get the photos from Greg and I didn’t get the photos from Keith Caspar, who shot me later that evening, I did convince Dan Mueller to upload the set his wife, Serena Reidy, took.  He admitted that she had the better lens for the shoot, and thought her pictures were better than his.  Greg was the high school photo teacher.  He was also the journalism teacher.  Keith and Dan were also his students at WLHS.

Here’s some kids and a mom I pied while I warmed up.  Plus two ladies I tried unsuccessfully to convince.

IMGP4541 IMGP4552

IMGP4565 IMGP4585

IMGP4600 IMGP4647


What a Life!


James posed like a fresh white rose.


Lance got the full water-boarding experience.


Monica and Kass got the 2Fer1



There’s the smooch again.


Looking at Greg’s postcard business card.


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