McCleary with Mish

I found today’s assistant through the Evergreen Circus Resurgence Group (aka the Juggling Club).  Not only had she been a juggler for the Waldorf auction, AND she had shown up to our congregation one Sunday (a lifelong UU), but she also had prior experience with parties, face painting, AND spoke a smattering of way more than just English and Spanish.  [i.e. Russian, Polish, Arabic, and French!


Tonight’s blog runs in reverse chronology (Blame it on Benjamin Button!)


Exhausted from twisting and painting and juggling and pieing and dancing and stuff and more stuff.  AND hungry for something in a tortilla with salsa!

mp mp2

mcp3 mp4

mp5 mp6


This fool tried to PIE ME!  Never do that, kid.  I spent an hour getting to look like this.  You just woke up and looked like that.  I’m only pieing willing faces, and mine is not one of them KA-POW!

mp8 mp9



And this was the first kid willing to take one for the fiesta.  Neither birthday child nor parent wanted in on the action, but I did get the b-day boy with the bucket of confetti.

Apparently, McCleary really needs some cheering up.  As we approached the VFW, we were handed a flier about the missing 10 y/o girl Lindsey.


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