Capital City Pride Parade 09

I just got back from a wonderfully P event (that stands for Pretty).  I got to stretch my character and apparel to fit in.  I bought three more bandannas to have a Rainbow Colored Bandanna Boa.  I also branded my old Construction Helmet with a black and red Sharpie.

One problem I ran into was ruining a shirt when I was putting on nail polish.



I started marching with the Unitarian Universalists.  I suggested they have a cheer of “We love You (pointing)… You (pointing)” but they weren’t that into it.

Then Honey arrived and we marched together.  I gave out my card and told folks to send me their pics.


(c)Steve Bloom, the Olympian

Afterward, at Sylvester park, Honey marched right over to a group of Buxbaum supporters.  She told them she was glad they were there because Kingsbury had his signs all over the place.  I arrived from the other side and called to her to get a picture with me and Kingsbury having a burger.


Then Honey got in the shot with Hedwig, and she expressed her wish that Olympia could be developed without money coming from California.


Finally, I ran into Onyx.


She’s thinking over the offer of pie, I guess.


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