More pics from other photogs

Here’s another one from Fall Arts Walk ’08 I just found on flickr ~


by Ruby ReUseable

It was actually raining outside.  I pied one face and called it good.

I had on my foul weather green mock-turtleneck instead of the usual polka-dotted shirt.

While we’re at it…


Here’s an interesting one I got from Miriam Khan.  I’m showing EF Students how to twist a balloon doggie in a Lecture Hall at Evergreen.

I don’t have much documentation of that parachute!  I wish I had the one where she got pied!

Speaking of pies… I waited almost a year until this guy from the Fremont Solstice festival found me on facebook through our mutual friend, David Raffin, who wrote all those wonderful clown stories.



I’m wearing a mushroom beret that Janeane made.

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