Mud Bay Jugglers and Nanda Acrobaticalists

Because she’s been taking classes at SPSCC, Trish found out about a show she thought we’d like and had arranged for a birthday eve date to see Nanda.  She said it was juggling, martial arts, acrobatics and clowning combined.

I thought, “What the…?!  You’re joking me!  You’re kidding me!  You’re pulling my leg!  You’re yanking my chain!  You’re flushing my commode!  Why haven’t I heard of this?  I’m gonna look ’em up.”

She tried to convince me to wait for the surprise, and I did.  I put it off until that afternoon but I found their website I could hardly wait to see them in person.

We arrived at the Minneart center with plenty of time to get a seat.  In fact, it wasn’t nearly as full as their talent deserved.  Trish got in for free by showing her student ID.  She tried to pay with a check to get us in, but the promoter wouldn’t take our money.  He said, “Or… just go in!”  With a big smile.

It seemed that he knew we really needed to see this show.

The Mud Bay Jugglers opened for Nanda as a special treat.  They put on a fantastic 20 minute set.  They stuck with juggling clubs, but they kept my interest with great passing, humor and singing.  They are three marvelous bearded juggling geezers with a 29 year history in Olympia.  Unfortunately, in my 16 years in Olympia I’ve only seen them a few times and not once since I became a professional clown.  I shoulda!


Mud Bay Jugglers (Note the Comedy Central Logo on Harry’s Chef Coat!)

I guess it comes down to the intimidation factor.  Am I a peer or a fanboy?

Then Nanda hit the stage.  Talk about intimidation!  These are four young ninja jugglers!  They totally spoke to my Jackie Chan clown heart.


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