New Year’s Eve Afternoon Pie-fest

On New Year’s Eve afternoon, outside of Round Table Pizza in West Linn (my high school hangout) wondering when the rest of the audience would arrive and watching the whippersnappers lose my juggling props in muddy snow!



Getting squirted by the green fish.


My most enthusiastic supporter.


His sister.


Their mom.


A great sport!


His sister.


Their dad,Tony, got his pie and celebrated graduating with a BS after 21 years!

danpiedDaniel Mueller “took one for the team”


Brad Scoggins got the last pie of 2008!  He celebrated graduating from French Culinary Institute in New York City AND turning 40!

I had to recreate my waiver for the NYE party.  I think it worked just as well as the prior one.  Definitely gotta have something official-y on the clipboard so ppl can signal their willingness early in the process.

“I, the undersigned agree to the following:

a) I agree to accept a pie-in-the-face in the spirit of goodwill for the sake of inducing healthy laughter in myself and the audience.
b) I shall hold Jusby the Clown (and his henchmen) harmless from any damage to life, limb or property from a pie-in-the-face.
c) I agree to be photographed and/or videotaped for Jusby’s promotional purposes.”
waiver (word doc)

Other reflections and “Plus/Deltas/ EBIs” (Worked Well/ Could Change/ Even Better Ifs).

Keep props safely hidden from whippersnappers.  Bring tablecloth to hide bucket of confetti.

Cross-cut shredder makes better confetti than hand cutting ribbon shreds.  (Good thing that Oma had a full container).  Always have a volunteer vacuumer to p/u confetti.

Face-painting: Get some brown for full-face puppy!  It would be easier than mixing it each time.  Use the mesh fruit bag and suggest the dragon full-face.  Make sure the kids see me drink from the paint bottle after painting!  Bring wipes to clean faces and brushes.  Trim brushes and get more sponges.  Master half a dozen designs and suggest those!

Juggling: Replace squishy baseball.  Keep matches dry.  Make sure to have maximum ignition for fire juggling.  Fill fish to maximum capacity.  Use Jusby towel to dry off.  Fill squirt lighter to maximum capacity.  Keep fire-cotton dry and portioned.  Get pocket sewn into cummerbund for igniter.  Fan flipping should lead to Indonesian material including language lesson and gamelan/ pesta rap background music.

Balloons: Master half a dozen designs and suggest those! :)  Teach whippersnappers to twist their own.  Keep screaming balloons separate!  Always embellish with sharpie!  Share the animal sacrifice story.

Guided Laughter: Make sure the audience stands up.  Get them closer together.  Do laughter battles.  Remember the Monkey Laugh!  Master a FULL DOZEN in clusters/ sequences.

Pies-in-the-face: Be ready for TALLER participants: stand on stool or chair or have them kneel.  Bring tarp to avoid carpet stains. Let participants keep smock on while they wipe face.  Ask how long participants can hold their breaths.  Have audience count!  Use bio-hazard bag for finished pies and returned towels!

Have big finale and group photo!

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