Arts Walk Pie

In spite of the weather I went out and offered Pie-in-the-face at Arts Walk.  I needed to give the new nose a spin around the block, and I fancied that I’d pie “local comedian and artist, David Water” while he was decorating 4 foot tall letters that spelled A-R-T-S W-A-L-K.

Or perhaps local artist, Bil Fleming (who had successfully assigned a proxy for his pie at Performance Dishwashing).

Or perhaps local artist, Steven Suski, who conveniently avoided getting pied by avoiding my last birthday party.  Since both Bil and Steve had work displayed at Olympia Salvage, we made that our first stop but didn’t see them.  I dropped Orion off with Trish at Angel’s Thai and meandered over to the Martin.

David said that he was busy working and was “definitely not interested in a pie in the face”.

Fine.  Sometimes he’s just so serious.

Jusby in Wind Up Here

Blaire pied by Jusby
Blair pied by Jusby

Okay, the make-up shows a sunburn from today’s weather.


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