Meeting Colors the Clown

[edit 2012: is up and running.  I found out because after the comment below I thought I should check again.  I hope Colors can come to your party, Haley!]

After we saw Mike the Mime perform we decided to go back through the Chelsea Summer fest toward the car. We discovered that we’d just missed the stage show of Colors the Clown, but I stopped her for a photo op and gave her my card. She didn’t have any of hers left, but she said that she was ‘in the book’. I told her that I wanted to get together and share clown info as I put together my business plan.

colors the clown

Here’s her pig.  She’s got a traveling petting zoo.

Sadly, I had to google her because ‘in the book’ didn’t mean the Chelsea Yellow Pages.  It meant the Ann Arbor Yellow Pages.  She wasn’t quick enough to grab the domain that went to a clown in New Jersey.  She got the rather wonky (but included with tuition at Washtenaw Community College) address of at least that’s what google shows as #1 hit.

However, if you swim upstream against those forward slashes you can find a “Donna Braun Final Project” that shows improvement in some areas, but the e-mail link is to instead of which the original had… and bounced back anyway!

Long story short: it seemed like she’d be the closest clown to visit, only 20 miles from Grumps’, but I never heard back from her.  And she seemed like such a professional: 250 shows a year with 85% repeat business.



3 thoughts on “Meeting Colors the Clown

  1. hey ya jusby! found ya again. your card disappeared. great photo of us.
    been too busy to set up a real website as the one you found was a topic for a student at wcc, 2004. not on top speed for new technology. (me) dial-up

    was out of town when your message came through. get people mad at me when i don’t return calls. too many days go by. at least i get to see them in person now and then. well here’s my e-mail. hotmail was a student project. hoping to get colorstheclown& need to get on the ball on internet. have other entertainer friends bugging me to get a site.

    we’ll talk. you’re a great clown, you are very photogenic. i considered a european, auguste make-up before. you look great. hope summer treated you well. looking forward to talking with you.

  2. Hi, coloers remeber me I’m Haley, I was your asistant at alexander Elemantary school. I just want to know if you could come to my birthday party it is on july, 18 2012 I dont know where. But I’m going to send you another email. BYE!!!!!!!!!

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