Performance Dishwashing

I pied 15 faces at the Olympia Farmer’s market today [8/15/08]!

My goal was to do 10 in a half an hour during Performance Dishwashing, but once I brought all the volunteers forward and started giving them positive attention and pies… more started lining up!

At the end I realized my camera was in my pocket the whole time.

Luckily, my new best friend, Aaron Barna, professional photographer, was working the event, and I’ve already given him a handshake deal for a free party.

This was the second event in two days at which I opted for the Clown Lite version of costuming and make-up. I know I made the right choice because it was 90 degrees, I was sweating buckets, and my eyebrows would have melted before the show had even started.

Some of the highlights:

  • When little Zane chickened out, Pieing his mom instead (she signed the waiver after all)
  • Pieing Mike on his 40th birthday
  • Pieing new mom, Katherine
  • Pieing Isaiah AND (finally) Orion
  • Pieing Zadi (I hadn’t been doing pies when I came to his birthday)
  • Spinning a Pie-Rat on a short stick and then on a tall PVC pipe
  • Shooting silly string out of a rubber chicken’s butt

[edit ~ more publicity!]

The Olympian’s Article here

… On Friday, about 400 ceramic plates donated by children and others were used to serve food from five of the seven market eateries, eliminating many of the paper plates and food containers that normally land in the garbage.

In addition, a dishwashing station was placed next to the stage where patrons could bring their plates, get them washed and take them home as a souvenir.

The dishwashing was accompanied by a lot of music, a puppet show, and clowning and pie throwing by Jusby the Clown, thus the name of the event: Performance Dishwashing.

The event, sponsored by the Olympia Arts Commission and city Parks, Arts & Recreation Department, was the brainchild of Olympia artist Bil Fleming, who spent a lot of his time Friday afternoon washing dishes. …

~ John Dodge

Note: I never threw a single pie. It’s dangerous and highly inaccurate. The method I prefer is to place or to tip the pie in the face.

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