Tonight’s Karaoke Klown

I got this message:


We are starting up our live Karaoke show this Friday. I was wondering if you’d be interested in being a Karaoke Clown. I had an idea that if we really needed to get someone off the mic Jusby could run up and steal the mic and start singing the song. When this happens the singer’s been “Jusbied”. We would probably just set this up – not really gong anyone. We could also use a clown to entertain us during long “instrumental breaks” by dancing or ad-libing on the mic or something.

You don’t have to commit to all of the shows but I heard you on KAOS doing radio 8-ball or whatever it is called and loved it. Just thought I would find out if you are interested.


Well, it couldn’t have been Radio 8-Ball, as you’ve read. I was hilarious on “Hello, Olympia” though.

I’m excited about getting some screen time. I had planned on reserving the studio for myself to make a demo reel and start a “Clown O’ Clown” show, but this is much better.

He authorized me to ‘steal the mic!” Crooners, BEWARE! I’m packing PIE!

Show up at TCTV at 6:30 to sign up, and be ready to sing by 7.

440 Yauger Way, Olympia, WA 98502

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