Super Saturday

I’ve been creating new collateral materials to augment performing (BUSKING! AUGH!) at Super Saturday

Poster board, monogrammed towels, gift certificates, etc.

It’s great to be in the flash of inspiration.  Like the rubber chicken with the head cut off, actually.

Yesterday I realized I wanted to use laminating technology somehow.  So I opted to have 12 of my business cards laminated for the 12 pie-in-the-face recipients to use as scraper/ spoon.  It beats having to contribute disposable plastic spoons to Evergreen’s waste stream… which will be overflowing by 2 PM.

Also, as a way of avoiding additional paper towel rubbish, I purchased a 12 pack of terry cloth 14″ x 17″ shop towels and monogrammed them with red and black sharpies to match my spiffy logo.

I’ll connect with

Dawn of the Simple Fool’s Silly School of top Secret Esoteric Clowning

the Evergreen Circus Resurgence (2 members of which have volunteered to take a pie-in-the-face)

Northwest Circus Supply

the Criss-Cross Circus

and, this evening at the Capital Theater, Pure Cirkus (in post-Jusby/ Comedy Consultant on 5th anniversary date attire).

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