Best of 2007

Maybe I’ll redate this later, but things recently have put me in the mood to thank my lucky stars… or lucky charms… or trix or kix… or… the mercy of the cosmic giggle. *amen*

As April approached we had to look back as well. It was tax season. Since we were OWED money, we were not bound by the April 15th rule. Nevertheless, we looked back at 2007… and looked for deductions for several weeks until we actually filed with Joe Tax.

Then we began to look ahead to the return. Hmm, a turn he tot re-head… *phew~dizzy* Then we got the check.

Then we split it and spent it. Mine was converted to gold dollar coins.

and some small change.

Incredible shrinking dollar. Never underestimate the power of good cents.

To review and preview:

  • In January of 2007 I took the Enterprise for Equity Business Readiness workshop. Now I’m poised to take the first ever E4E Summer Intensive, beginning in eight days.
  • I was also switched from a substitute to a permanent employee with a retroactive pay raise. I was switched schools in March of 08. I’ve been informed of my ‘reasonable assurance’ of a position in fall.
  • I took Paula Biggio’s workshop courtesy of the Big Foot Clown Alley and RNB’s Bobo Scholarship.
  • I began serving coffee at the Oly UU. We signed the church book later that year. Trish joined the choir in 08. Orion attended Spirit Play. We all connected with friends and opportunities through the congregation.
  • We paid many visits to Rusty Cock Ridge in 07-08, widening their circle of friends with our own.
  • I had multiple clown bikes, and it’s time for a new one!
  • Delivered my 1st pie on 4.1.07. I’ve delivered 24 in 08!
  • Orion played his first team sport: soccer! And he agreed to do it again in 08!
  • We went to Sasquatch Fest. Augh. We missed Bjork. We missed Mirah. We missed the Blow. We did stop at Dick and Jane’s spot and Roslyn.
  • Trish went to the AMTA conventions.
  • I got to go on a field trip to NW Trek for the first time.
  • I got to work as a recovering Mad Scientist aka J.B.W.I., Justin Barnabas Wright, Inventor for Camp Invention, a week long experience leading a classroom of junior forensic scientists and inventors.  Now I’m poised to sacrifice a 2nd time in order that I can take the E4E training.
  • We went to Sherwood forest for the first time, and this time we may stay over the weekend of the 4th (missing two parades!).
  • I attended my official 20th High School reunion, AND facilitated a kid-friendly BBQ the following day. Now mom’s yard needs emergency assistance again, and I’ve got to get money to Tony Bracco!
  • I spent many hours with master gardener, Marci Sunshine, working her yard and painting her garage.
  • I took a Sacred Clowning workshop in 07 and one in 08.
  • I took a whole slew of autism workshops.
  • We finally had a garage sale. We still need to purge and trade!
  • We were visited by relatives from afar. Relatively, a farther.
  • Jusby celebrated a lot of birthdays. At my new school a girl came up who recognized me from a party for her friend. She was a twin. She and her sister kept cutting in line, stepping on my lines, getting in my grill in other words. When it was face-painting time I gave them special treatment. When she saw me again in the classroom she asked,

“Why did you paint a C on my forehead?”

I replied, “Did I paint a D on your sister’s forehead?”


“To tell you apart, of course!”

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