Library Tricksters

I love the library. There was a time when I wouldn’t set foot in one, but I love the library too much to stay away.

I’ve been bringing home trickster tales, world mythology, and relying heavily on the books librarians have displayed on top of the shelves. We can do a library run in five minutes and leave with 20 items. That’s important if we’re going to read 20 minutes before bedtime and not repeat ourselves over and over and over.

Here’s Confrere Lapin, the Cajun Brer Rabbit trickster. “Lapin Plays Possum” adapted by Sharon Arms Doucet.

Of particular interest to me is this book of Indonesian Fables of Feats and Fortunes. On the cover you see the trickster mouse deer convincing an alligator to roll over.

Edit: I’ve now got a Good Reads shelf for even more Trickster Tales>


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