Lasts of May – pt 1

We went to the TrendWest, WorldMark, etc. etc. time sharing seminar in Federal Way!

We spoke with Rex and pals for about 90 minutes.

We haggled.  I wanted to buy two credits @ $1.96 ea.  He wanted us to spend at least a hundred times that amount.

I explained it with my jumbo calculator.  I typed 57718618 and turned it upside down so that it read BIGBILLS.

In the end we had connected on a situation that worked for both of us.  We got the free trip voucher to Lake Tahoe, and he got to see the tail end of a clown departing in the rain.

Rex is the King.  He even came back with his own camera… or the office camera.

This nice lady handed over the travel & food vouchers at the last window of the last door.

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