Jusby the Jedi Vs. the Stormtroopers

After the Oakville parade on Saturday (to be blogged forthwith), Orion and I spent some time bicycling around Capital Lake and the Fountain. I was still in clown, mind you.

We were approached by several people including a young woman who invited us to the Diversity Festival the next day. The invitation included a large colorful sticker.

Sunday rolled around and we headed out for Sylvester park with a stop planned for the Farmers’ Market. Orion promptly fell asleep in the car. I waited in the parking lot while Trish procured fresh fruit and a carnivorous plant. Then we brought him home. He finished his nap, and we headed out again for the park.

We arrived in time for the Belly Dancing and Orion burned off energy by spinning and jumping and running.

We heard an announcement about a NAZI counter-protest at which people were invited to dress up as CLOWNS.

The next day Sube invited me to come down and help interview for Good Politics radio. For some reason I thought that I could handle clowning, parenting, and videotaping. This proved to be an overestimation of my abilities. It turns out my priorities were in exactly that order.

I’ll skip the poopy diaper portion of the debacle. Sufficeth to say, Jusby wears gloves for several reasons.

At the protest I was approached by a journalist from the AP. Here’s how it appeared on the komo news website:

Justin B. Wright, 37, of Tumwater, dressed in the polka-dot shirt, heart-shaped sunglasses and face paint he dons when performing as Jusby the Clown. He also brought his son, 2-year-old Orion, to the protest.

“Humor relaxes people,” he said as a half-dozen other clowns marched in mock goose-steps, carrying signs that razzed the neo-Nazis. “I think showing nonsense is the sanest way to cope with it.”

Full story at the link below


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