The Basket

Further Easter details

I actually omitted the first Easter basket. Again, the Food Bank provided one. I chose a metal one and cleared out all the chocolate and caramel. A set of jacks was left in the Easter grass, so I substituted in a CAN OF PEACHES.

Locally canned 3 Springs Peaches and local, freshly whipped cream

How absurd, right? Maybe to anyone who has other Easter baskets against which to compare it, but Orion doesn’t. So he was mighty pleased to eat that whole can by himself.  Trish, of course, had to BUY a gift. She got him an expanding fabric tunnel. It calls to mind Pooh getting stuck leaving Rabbit’s hole after EATING TOO MUCH! Nothing to do but wait until you get thinner, but we will read to you.

‘Would you please choose a Sustaining Blog such as would help and comfort a Wedged Bear in Great Tightness?’


Dad and me would stop by the store when the day was done
Standin at the counter he said “I forgot to get the peaches, son.”
“What kind should I get?” I said to him there where he stood in line
And he answered just like I knew he would “Go and get the cheapest kind”

But the love, the love, the love
It was not the cheapest kind
It was rich as, rich as, rich as ,rich as, rich as
Any you could ever find

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