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Adult Three Way Party (SFW)

"Ol' King Kong, it's a sad old story.. he wanted some love and the love turned gory

“Ol’ King Kong, it’s a sad old story.. he wanted some love and the love turned gory

“Bapak Utan” sang “Ol’ King Kong” by Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy.

I read “A Birthday Clown for Archer” by Kathy Mashburn about a boy who convinces his coulrophobic mother to hire a clown for his birthday.  After all, it’s HIS BIRTHDAY!

PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM j/k. He’s a nice kid that Archer.  Not like some people’s kids.  This lady here has a kid.  The middle kid.  I worked with him.  I have lots of notes.  A real sweet heart and funny guy but he could turn on you, start throwing crayons faster than you can say Jack Asperger’s.

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‘Adult’ Singing Telegram + Pie Delivery

Right after I started work on my Adult material for the Vaudeville audition, I got a call regarding a party for two amigos turning 40 & 48.  I directed the caller to check out my services page, and she asked about the Adult Themes!  However, she said that kids would be present, so I suggested a second clown.  No dice.  Of course, as soon as I arrived, the kids were all over me and the adult material was kept under wraps as I tried to convince them I was a REAL CLOWN!  One expected scarves to come out of my mouth.

Nevertheless, I sang and delivered pies… even busted out the flaming pies.  Client satisfied.

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