Halloween Clown Evolution

Jusby’s Halloween plans have evolved since his 4 year affiliation with the Halloween House.

It began in 2007 with Mike’s post on Myspace asking for people to wear a scary clown costume.  I decided to be a volunteer “Horror Liaison” as my regular clown self .

Danger, A Head

In 2008, I returned with a Mad Hatter (Clown Lite) variation.

I also brought my own music and flaming tea cup.

In 2009, I brought Honey the Clown and wore the referee shirt to keep warm.

Last year (2010), it went OFF THE HOOK with the introduction of the Scary Clown Look at Eastside Big Tom’s Fright Night.

So, it’s been a natural progression to accept a position at the Haunted Firehouse which is open for 3 weekends leading up to Halloween.  Coincidentally, Mike closed up his yard due to the continual stream of trespassers.

2011, it’s Scary Doctor Jusby of the Youth Asylum.

In the Pink “Green Room”, taking a call from Beyond.


The Haunted Firehouse is a non-profit fundraiser for Family Support Center and the summer youth theater program Kids at Play. The Haunted Firehouse opens on October 20 and runs for a long weekend, before re-opening on October 26 and running through Halloween night. On weekdays, the Firehouse runs from 5 pm until 10 pm. On weekends, we extend the SCARE until midnight, so come prepared for late-night fear!

NOTE that after 7 pm the Haunted Firehouse is Rated PG13, and those under 13 will only be allowed accompanied by a parent or guardian!

The Haunted Firehouse costs $5 for admission. There are no advance ticket sales — each admission costs only $5! First come, first serve!


  • Former firefighters who worked here reported that an old firefighter who died patrols the halls at nights (our staff know this ghost well!)
  • Rumors of suicides from prisoners held in the jail downstairs.
  • Rodents of unusual size once roamed downstairs in years past.
  • There was a big smallpox outbreak right here downtown in this area and many people died.
  • This used to be the red light district (in Olympia!!!) — the city built this building as part of their public clearing of the brothels that previously stood right near here.
  • Prior to becoming the city hall/fire station this was the livery and stagecoach where people came to town and put their horses or caught the stage.
  • The man that used to have a cabin here on this site, mysteriously drowned in a canoe accident on capital lake right before taking office as one of the first state legislators.

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