Kallie’s 8th B-day

Because I constantly reminded the students of Ms. Lilly’s 2nd grade class that I was a clown… I was able to book this party months in advance!

Even though Kallie had been pied at Tristen’s party a few months ago, she was still keen on getting pied at her own birthday.  In fact, she wanted the whipped cream all through her hair and everywhere… going back for a second pie after every one had theirs.  She knew about the red clown nose I sometimes use and had a suitable substitute in the form of Groucho glasses!



Here’s Emily trying the low PVC stilts.


The first appearance of Jusby’s new unicycle!


Exhausted from the ride, Jusby has a drink of water.


Emily pied!


The full head deal!


Isabelle got pied, but said “Not in my hair!”


Roger signed the waier and then walked off, saying “See you.”  So we had to stalk him with a pie and convince him to come back.


He decided that Kallie’s mom should enjoy some of the sweetness too!


Isabelle asked for a Sea Serpent.  This one had a jewel in its mouth and a touch of glitter.


Tristen wanted Croc-man from Batman.  Loved using the mesh for the scales.


And since Kallie wanted a fish, I got to use it again.  I was somehow inspired to add the hook with a worm.


All in a day’s work!

(psst!  Austin!  You’re supposed to smile!)


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