More train themed party pics


Arriving in far off Tenino!


Had to sharpen the pencil before anyone could sign up.  [the giant box made a nice stage]


Balancing the shorter of the two pipes


I only thought a second about what to paint on Genoa!


Gramma got the rainbow butterfly face.


I gave this guy a T-Rex complete with the fruit bag scaling!


There was some confusion as I started painting this girl’s face.  I swear she agreed to a unicorn instead of a pony.  As I made the small detail work on the horn she said, “Ponies don’t have spots.”  (gulp)  “This are the lines that make the swirly part of the unicorn’s horn,” I said.  Then she looked in the mirror and cried, “I wanted a pony!”

Her mom tried to make her say “Thank You”, but I interrupted with, “Oh, no, don’t say thank you to me if you aren’t really grateful.  It’s okay.  After every one gets something I can put a pony on the other cheek or add the body to the unicorn if you want.”


This lady was completely pleased with the shooting blue star I gave her!


On to the pieings!  He said, “I’ll take the little one, but I really want the BIG one.”  I said, “Your wish is my command!”  And gave him the big one.


I hope her sweater’s okay.


The birthday boy and satisfied customers!


I even left confetti for them to play with!

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