Five Pied Faces and a Life Lesson

Trish and Orion are inside with the other friends and family. Joe arrives back from his fool’s errand: “to get sugar”. He asks, “Where’s Justin?” Trish replies, “He had to work.” Awww.

Ding-dong. Jusby’s at the door.

“Is this a birthday? I’m looking for a little girl, turning six years old. Where’s the birthday girl. I’m looking for a little girl named Joan Olan…”

“Oh, Joe Nolan! How old are you turning, little boy? SIXTY!? Well, I’m in town doing all the April birthdays, and wait a minute… There’s another Nolan… Elisabeth Nolan had a birthday ON the sixth, okay. And this guy here… When is your birthday, little boy? May? Well, I won’t be here then. It’s kind of a significant one, isn’t it? Eighteen. Yeah, I think you’re on the list for a pie too.”

Anybody else? Yup, this guy, Mark is an April birthday too.

His wife didn’t mind helping clean him up.

Speaking of wives. The lady of the house who approved the whole thing is right under here.

Grama Jill has a great sense of humor.

Her son, Adam, has a great sense of self-preservation, and a weapon.

His words of caution to Jusby, “Dude, I’ll ruin the vibe for hours. Seriously, don’t even try it. I have issues about the invasion of my personal space.”

Life Lesson: No means NO! and be prepared to do your own laundry when the pie starts to fly.


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