Get in on the prank

April Fool’s special

I’ve donated 9 pies to be delivered on April Fool’s (or immediately following the successful bid).

3 PIES to KAOS 89.3 FM for their Spring Membership drive [Ending March 9 at Midnight]

3 PIES to McLane Elementary Carnival and Auction [to be held March 14 at McLane]

3 PIES to The Oly UU Auction [to be held March 29 at the Thurston County Fairgrounds]


Jusby gets ready


William was begging for pie

I’m looking to fill the hours of Tuesday, April First between 8 am and 10 pm with PIE IN THE FACE deliveries.

I’m taking a personal day off work, so I have to recover the cost of my time and the 9 donated pies. I have room for another 9 pies in my schedule.


cell: (360) 888-2729 [olympia, wa]

Jusby, herein after referred to as the Pie-er, shall take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the recipient of the pie, herein after referred to as the Pie-ee. You, herein after referred to as the Grand Pie-Bah, shall take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the Pie-er and will assume any costs such as dry-cleaning and legal fees.
Pie-ee shall have up to one minute of advance warning, herein after referred to as the Build-Up, before Pie-er delivers said pie to Pie-ee’s face. During the build-up, the Pie-er shall determine potential negative consequences and attempt to mitigate them (i.e. ‘Is that an Armani Suit? May I offer you a smock?’ and ‘Can someone hold your glasses and laptop?’).
Delivery of pie, herein after referred to as the Blow-Off, shall be by the tipping or placing method rather than the highly inaccurate and potentially hazardous method of throwing.
If the pie-ee appears, in the judgment of the pie-er, to be too hostile or afraid to graciously receive the Blow-Off, the pie-er will attempt to communicate an alternate plan in which the pie-er BECOMES the pie-ee and we all save face. (i.e. the Backfire Blow-Off)
The Grand Pie-Bah will then be responsible for the dry cleaning of the pie-er’s costume.
Each pie-ee will be photographed and/ or videotaped for promotional purposes.

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