A couple of dreams

I had a dream about calling into Radio 8 Ball with Orion. We got a “song” that was 80.8 minutes long. It was very experimental and full of subtle ambient noise.

We went over to Andras’ apartment to get a copy of it. Andras met us and handed me a very old book, like Dante’s Inferno. It was open, and I was guessing that I should be looking for Canto 800, line 8 or something.

Andras’ apartment was much larger than his IRL apartment. He excused himself to go back to his exercycle on his patio.


[I just googled the phrase: Dante “Canto 800” and came up with

851.1 DANTE Dante Alighieri, 126 The Inferno of Dante
on this page http://www.lincc.lib.or.us/lf/lo-audio.txt which is the Clackamas County library network that includes the WEST LINN LIBRARY! Deeper research yields that 851.1 Dante also covers The Divine Comedy, 10 audio cassettes of 15 hrs or 9 CDs… The work is divided into three parts, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso that total only 100 Cantos.  It begins on Good Friday.  Dante was 35.

Well, I’m a little older, almost 39, but Good Friday is coming up.  I’m thinking I should get these CDs.

I also had a dream this morning in which I was gathering together with other butoh critters for a performance.  I lived in a communal house adjacent to Evergreen.  doranne was there during the brainstorming of choreography.  Someone mentioned the image of canoeing or paddling some other kind of boat.

doranne said decisively, “no, a canoe, yes.”  and I suddenly could glide through the air as if paddling an invisible canoe about campus.

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