Dirty Laundry Departs

Ever since I saw The Secret and the nice (but goofy) lady said, “If something bothers you, don’t talk about it, don’t join groups about it…”

I thought, uh-oh, don’t blog about it either?

Well, yeah. It doesn’t help to whine and complain about my pet peeves.

So here’s the spin. I enjoyed wearing this T-shirt from the boy store Dad shopped at. The store doesn’t exist anymore. The shirt has stains and a little hole chewed in it by a bird. I’m letting it go. I’m making room for a T-shirt that has more relevance and a professional appearance. It’s the feng shui of attire.



I’m also reminded of quotes from Sammy Davis Jr.’s Autobiography “Yes, I can”. His Grandmother gives him some advice to not settle:

“… the first day you come home and tell me you been hungry then that’s the end of show business. And don’t let nobody sew up nothing for you or put patches on you. You understand what I’m talkin’ about? If there’s a litle hole in your stocking, then you tear it and make such a big hole that nobody can sew it up for you. You don’t need to wear nothing mended.”


His “Uncle” Will Mastin told him,

“Sammy, brush that hat ’til it gleams… And remember this like it’s your Bible. If there’s one person or one thousand sitting out there, you gotta look as good and work as hard for that one man as you would for the one thousand. Never sluff off an audience. They paid their money and you owe them the best you got in you.”

In Errol Flynn’s autobiography “My Wicked, Wicked Ways” he said that when he was the poorest, he put on his best suit.


Of course, I’m not throwing away my pants just because I need to sew the button back on.

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