More local shoppin’

Jusby hasn’t forgotten Traditions Fair Trade Café and World Folk Art!



He DID forget that Orca books is also a KAOS patron business, but since he didn’t buy any used books he wasn’t going to get a 10% discount anyway.

HOWEVER, if someone’s shopping for Jusby, they do have several used books on clowning and juggling you could get him ! [Hint-hint]

Jusby got his KAOS membership card by contributing $8.93 during Radio 8-Ball for the last “Fall Fun Drive”. And furthermore, he and Orion went over to the station last Tuesday and dropped off a CD of Andras Jones playing at Traditions from long ago.

If Andras needs any idea of a solstice present for Jusby, he could reciprocate by burning CDs of old shows from prior to 2006 – when Jusby first got that handy mp3 player! [hint-hint] Or maybe a Shmushkin CD!


Andy Shmushkin

Speaking of CDs, though, Rainy Day gives 10% off new albums, CDs and DVDs… the last NEW CD Jusby bought was that Bjork one before the tragedy of Sasquatch fest.

Other ideas –


Old School Pizzeria gives 15% any purchase over $5 (Jusby prefers the Sicilian Deep Dish and wears a Large T-shirt)(You’ll have to go there in person to buy anything though, the website only has the prices.)

Otto’s Bagels & Delicatessen gives 15% any purchase over $5 (Jusby prefers the jalepeño bagel with salmon cream cheese)(website?)

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