Camp Seymour

Heading away from ‘puter for over 24 hours! to Camp Seymour and OlyUU church retreat…

I’m still not packed (8:30 AM), looks like we miss breakfast there… tonight Jusby will participate in the talent show… omg, what am I gonna do?


6 thoughts on “Camp Seymour

  1. hi my name is calley and i went there and that was my same cabin its called the chinook it was so much fun it was the best i slept inthe 2nd bed

  2. Is it safe….??!?

    im going soon my parents wanna if is it safe.

  3. Do you have to wear jeans to hike? I’m not much of a jeans person and I refuse to wear them :/
    Also are you forced to shower there? I can’t shower in public places D:

    1. No, silly. You can wear what you like and no one forces you to bathe.

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