Olympia Balloons Juggling Face Painting Magic

  • Q: How’s the Clowning Business? A: I refer to it as “the Clown Game”.  It has taken off astronomically, exponentially, and even a-lot-ally.
  • Q: What other tricks do you do? A: I twist balloons, paint faces, apply temporary tattoos, juggle and flip fans. Yes, my fans flip for me.
  • Q: Did you go to Clown College? A:I graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1996 with an emphasis on the construction, use, deactivation and storage of IEDs (Improvised Entertainment Devices).  In 2008, I graduated from the Enterprise for Equity Entrepreneur Training with an emphasis on Clown Market Differentiation.  In 2009 I graduated from the Simple Fool Silly School (of Top-Secret esoteric clowning).  In between, I was an autodidact and attended clowning workshops and study groups.
  • Q: Are photos allowed? A: Yes and I will pose for as long as you like until you get the best possible picture. Please e-mail me your favorites and a sentence or two describing what you enjoyed. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s worth $10 off your next visit from Jusby if I use your pictures. I will also bring my own camera. Be prepared to point and shoot.
  • Q: Do you accept cash, check or charge? A: Yes with the following stipulations. Clowning is a service and, as such, gratuities are accepted. Jusby carries no cash. If you do not have exact change, please ROUND UP, so Jusby can keep on schedule. Payment may be made by check to the order of Jusby the Clown OR Justin B. Wright. Please have checks ready before I must depart. You may opt to pay me dramatically (with a flourish) or discretely (with a wink), depending on your philosophy of money. Some people would prefer to maintain the illusion of the clown as a magical creature, free from the mundane concerns of commerce [i.e. he came for free]. Other people would prefer to show their gratitude for my presence by acknowledging the value of the services I’ve provided. The exact details of the amount you reimburse Jusby may be kept secret by putting payment inside of an envelope. Now accepting PayPal, Venmo, & CashApp.
  • Q: Aren’t pies messy? A: Yes and I strive to plant my pies squarely on the intended face with no spillage on clothing. Nevertheless, faces come in all shapes and sizes and the pie is filled with a viscous fluid (whipped topping) that will slide down and may reach your garments. You can plan to dress appropriately (machine washable in HOT water). You can ask for a smock, bib, or apron. You can have a towel handy. You can tell me NO! In the event of a perfect hit, you may join with me in exclaiming “PIE ARE SQUARE!”
  • Q: Can you do a performance around my theme? A: Yes I love to customize my performance to fit the occasion. Knowing context around the event and/or honored guest helps me to create a unique experience with routines based on family or corporate culture/ anecdotes and to incorporate site-specific props/ gags. I have taken diversity training and strive to move beyond mere tolerance toward authentic honoring of the diverse population I serve. You can expect me to work on several levels of sophistication. Kids will enjoy simply juvenile buffoonery. Adults will love twists of logic and language. Seniors will appreciate my enunciation and erudition. English language learners will intuitively grasp the meaning behind my tone and non-verbal cues. I refrain from using material that is racist, sexist, homophobic or hurtful. I know that some people truly suffer from Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns). My mission, however, is to promote healthy laughter, you know.
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