Pieing Sarah Bear

Sarah Bear had a birthday and housewarming potluck.

I brought pie-in-the-face on behalf of a mysterious benefactor who arrived too late to actually witness it.  The battery on the camera flashed low, so I didn’t get pics of all the kids [perhaps a participant will send them].

Here are the adults getting pied>

Imagine her surprise.  She had previously been the mysterious benefactor of over a dozen pies-in-the-face to her high school classmates, but oddly never been on the receiving end.

About Time!

“That was so much fun, I loved it! Thank You, everyone loved it, that was awesome!!!” Sarah Bear

Here’s Dabney.

And Kai!  I got a lot of personal satisfaction from this one.  He and I used to trade witticisms in 2nd grade (Last year).

This fellow celebrated returning to his Mother Country… which happens to be New Zealand.  (I think he’s lost)


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