Pies for Ashton Place

Shortly before we departed Memphis, I volunteered to visit with staff and residents of Grama Mary’s care facility.  I brought pies and we did an abbreviated session of Laughter Yoga.

Here’s Theo, who’s celebrating a year at Ashton Place… and moving from custodial to ACTIVITIES!

“How are you doing, Theo?”


Meet Juanita.  She’s celebrating a year of Holy Deadlock… uh, Wedlock.

There’s Grama Mary at her first Jusby Pieing Event!

The main improvement to Doc Jusby’s costume is the addition of my COAI patch on the scrubs over the spot that said “Hospital Property”!  Thanks Aunt Elaine for making quick work with the sewing machine.  My hand stitching would have taken forever.

I still have to add:

  • Thespian patch with Comedy & Tragedy Masks
  • Rusty Cock Ridge Patch
  • Eastside Big Tom Patch

I have since upgraded to a salon cape for the piees, I can make changes to the lab coat as well – patches, embroidery, piping, etc.  That means an appointment with a seamstress!

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