Mud Run and Camp Thunderbird

Undecided about a costume for my premiere/finale as a Lincoln Elementary employee, I looked for some inspiration on the Camp Thunderbird info sheet.  It said: “Water is Off Limits” and that resonated with the global angst about the BP-Gulf of Mexico Disaster, so I dressed in hip waders and brought my blue buckets.

On the way up 101 we heard on KAOS that the annual Evergreen Mud Run was scheduled to begin and precisely that moment, so I pulled over and made like a clown going for a stroll on the beach… perplexed, intrigued and astonished to find nekkid ppl running across the mud flats.

Two pics by Laura Killian.  The rest of her FLICKR set>

A couple of pics by Trish>

“There’s some dirty hippies takin’ a hippy mud bath before they gotta gradjamacate today!”

“Is that a Gooey Duck or are you just happy to see me?”

Then we drove to Camp Thunderbird.  I made myself useful at the “Circus, Circus” activity station.  I had been led to believe that I was expected, that students would learn to walk on stilts, make their own juggling balls, and practice other skills like slack rope walking.  There were stilts there.  They had decided against the balloon+sand bag juggling ball construction portion of the circus for ecological+logistical reasons.  I’d brung my rubber squirting fish in the bucket and gave tutorials with those.  I also assisted with stilt fitting and walking and encouraged one girl to add hula hooping to her stilt walking.  She could do it for almost half a minute!

A couple more pics by Trish>

I joined the talent show too late to get a hula hoop, so I faked it.

When they provided one I continued to fake it!

Photo by Julie Montgomery of me during Juggling practice with Eloise.


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