Jusby the Conductor and the Pie Delivery Express

the Pie Delivery Express.


There’s the birthday boy!


There’s the birthday boy’s dad!

face122 face126

face123 face125


I painted a dragon on this kid’s cheek.  It had the scaling effect from a fruitbag stencil I learned from Clash of Kalamazoo.  It blew fire across his upper lip to the other cheek.  I also used the stencil on another boy’s dinosaur.  I used the rainbow pot for a variety of applications, including a full face butterfly on Grandma.

My make-up was: a little auguste rouge, a little faux beard, a slight reddening of the nose, and some glitter.

My costume was: Engineer’s hat from our Amtrak wedding trip; red kerchief was from a train costume of Orion’s (It fastened with velcro); striped shirt, and overalls from Value Village I bought this week.

I wound up reading an Eric Carle book “1,2,3 to the Zoo” that had no words but let me introduce guided laughter (Laugh like a snake!  Laugh like a monkey!).  I also read “Circus Train” because it featured a clown engineer.

They had tall enough foyer that I could show off balancing Snowball, the pie-rat on the short and long pole.

[edit. PS]

I accidentally left my giant yellow pencil there, and the older brother has been sleeping with it.


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