the 411 on Jusby’s Birthday Plans

I’m brainstorming for my 39th birthday party. Orion and I talked it over. It’ll have a pinata.

I’m tending AWAY from the fancy dinner party and professional show. Though I’m pretty tempted by the Seattle Moisture Festival and the Indonesian Restaurant in Northgate.

I’m tending TOWARD a nacho potluck and collaborative clown party….

with PIES for everyone! Dress appropriately.

At our place.

Friday, April 11th,


(main events from 5-7)

Last Name/ Food Assignment

A-E/ Nacho Soup or Nacho Salad

F-I/Nacho Main Dishes (Vegan/ Vegetarian)

J-S/ Nacho Main Dishes (Beef/ Pork/ Chicken/Other Meat)

T-V/ Nacho Main Dishes (Seafood)

W-Z/ Nacho Deserts


[bonus points if you use chipotle]

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