Mercury Ranger vs. the Halloween House

We caved.

Orion kept saying he wanted to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. We had never watched Power Rangers as a family. We didn’t know where he got the idea, but his other ideas were: Darth Vader or a Transformer.

I started to get very hung up on all of us dressing in complementary costumes. If he was to be a knight. We could be a king and queen.

For a while we considered being Harry, Ron & Hermione. Trish was excited to buy a new hair curler. I would be in “red hair and hand-me-down robe”.

One night, during bath time, Trish called me in and said, “We can be rubber ducks! It’ll be easy. We can cut out cardboard and paint it and get little duck noses and spray our hair yellow and get some feathers…”

Me (calculating the time and expense), “Uh huh.”

Well, some things go by the wayside. Especially when there’s work and school and work IS school and homework and home IS work…

So we stopped at Target and let him pick out his favorite color among those left in his size… now 25% off!

This guy, it turns out, is a Special Ranger. He’s an alien who can transform (or ‘MORPH’, if you’ll recall) into the liquid metal, Mercury. He sometimes drives a fire truck zord.


I took him over to the Halloween House for a trial run. He showed his bravery in the face of horror!


I can’t say as much for daddy.


I’m hoping to spend some time there in costume after Trick or Treating. They’re open until 10 PM.

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