Jusby’s Donation to KAOS 89.3FM

—–Original Message—–From: Justin_Barnabas Wright [mailto:justin_b_wright@hotmail.com]Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:20 AMTo: Drummond, JerrySubject: Pledge driveJerry,I’d like to donate a gift-certificate for a performance by Jusby the clown (member of the Red Nose Brigade), valued at $75, to be used as a premium during Radio 8-Ball.thanksJusby
Please send me more details about the performance, the Brigade, and contact info for you. Do you have letterhead or anything we can use for a certificate? Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you for your support of Radio 8Ball & KAOS!
Jerry Drummond



I will print a certificate for you ASAP. The performance would include approximately 44 and three-quarters minutes of side-splitting entertainment and 15 and one-quarter minutes of time-bending boredom. Highlights include: The Flipping Fans of Faraway Flores (Floor-ez), The Accidentaly Exploding Balloon Animal Menagerie, & the Socio-Political Analyses of Hierarchical Systems of Wealth Creation and Control. Fun for All Ages!
Arrangements for the performance to be discussed at a mutually secret location (No one can know). Performance to be given within Thurston county or 1st class transportation and accomodation costs will be the responsibility of the recipient.
The brigade has a blog I created at http://rednosebrigade.blogspot.com. There are a dozen members in this local non-profit clown alley. We appear will appear this year in roughly eleventy-twelve Parades, Cotillions, Festivals, and Graduation Exercises.
To be continued. Radio 8-Ball will be heard Tuesday between 6 & 8 PM. http://radio8ball.com & http://myspace.com/radio8ball

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